Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy weekend

I have not one, but TWO weekend projects to blog about this week. One of them I need to finish up before I can take the pictures (I would normally be too impatient to wait and just go ahead and post it as is, but it's a small enough project that I feel a little sheepish about not just FINISHING it already). And a Home Depot trip is required in order to finish it, so that one will wait until closer to the end of the week, I'm guessing.

Project #2 I could post about right now....except that I'm waiting on a new card reader to get here from Amazon before I can deal with pictures, so I'm operating on a bit of a delay. Truth be told, although I'm writing this post right now, I can't actually post it until said card reader gets here, because there is at least one picture that I need. Oh, wait, two. I forgot about project #3. It is tiny, so I'll put it in here.

Now let's randomly talk about blog traffic, because I find it fascinating. The picture of the metal chair from World Market that I posted back in my "kitchen musings" post? That seems to be my biggest single source of page hits. I have no idea why. I have no idea what people are even searching to get directed here. I wonder if it makes World Market sad that people come here to look at their chair and then I just talk about how much cheaper similar chairs at Overstock.com are....

And then I also get to look at the search terms that bring people here. Right now there are four things listed:

*gray hex floor tile
*use a dining room as a library
*nantucket fog benjamin moore
*old house fire pit

I must be a big disappointment to people searching the first two, since I don't HAVE any gray hex tile and I have only posted about deciding NOT to use my dining room as a library. I'm glad I'm coming up with searches for nantucket fog, as I spent a long time looking up other people's nantucket fog pictures before I picked it. And I'm a little perplexed by the last one...what difference does it make if your house is old when you make a fire pit? Are people concerned about building a fire pit that fits in aesthetically with their old house? Or are they worried that they need to take some extra safety precautions so they don't burn down their old house while toasting marshmallows one night?

(since writing that, another one showed up: "mood board octopus." awesome).

At any rate, if you have wandered here because of chairs or hex tile, feel free to leave a comment and tell me all about it. For, as I mentioned, I'm fascinated. Also, I like comments.

Okay, that little detour took longer than I expected. Moving along. Things that kept us busy this weekend, in addition to projects:

*archery for kids
*shopping expedition
*dinner out with friends
*kid friend sleeping over Saturday night
*math club for Ari/Dave

And still! Projects! We are awesome. I am just going to keep pretending like we're going to maintain this level of accomplishing stuff-edness after the baby is born. Yep. Even though this is my 4th kid and I really should know better, I'm going to be one of those "this baby won't change our lives at all!" people. The baby is going to sit around cooing and gazing adoringly at us while we paint and build stuff. It's going to be GREAT. Ahem.

Shopping excursion included a trip to TJ Maxx. I haven't been to TJ Maxx in awhile and apparently I should never go again because I want everything they sell at TJ Maxx. I might have even bought a sweater for The Beagle.

Oops. Busted. I DID buy a sweater for her. Fiesta is a great dog because she doesn't mind wearing clothes.

I also looked at sheets and comforters and whatnot for the guest bed, which needs such things because it will be occupied by the in-laws come Thanksgiving. But I didn't buy anything yet, because I am indecisive.

Mostly, besides Fiesta's Halloween sweater, I bought stuff for my new.....fall centerpiece!

In the kitchen! I moved that twiggy pumpkin in after I decided it didn't work in the dining room. And then I added the pitcher (which a friend of Dave's family made for us for our wedding. Pretty, isn't it? There used to be a matching bowl. Alas, some child broke it at some point) and part of my too big haul of Trader Joe's gourds. But it still looked like a random collection of stuff on a table. And that made me sad. Also, I wanted a more generic fall/less Halloween display (it will probably/maybe move into the dining room after Halloween). So I added the table runner ($12.99, I believe) and the little leaf shaped rice bowls ($7.99) from TJ Maxx. Then filled the rice bowls up with Target dollar section acorns and pinecones. And now I'm not sad anymore! I'm still a little sad, actually, because they had a few nice leaf shaped placemats, and I wanted to get them for Thanksgiving, but they didn't have nearly enough left (we'll have 9 people for Thanksgiving, and I'd probably want 10 for symmetry purposes). There were maybe 3 or 4 there. Oh well.

As you can see, my new card reader arrived (yay cheap one day shipping with Amazon Prime!) so I'll get to work on recapping weekend projects soon!

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