Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kid bath: progress

This is the room that I mentioned needed some very quick help shortly after we moved in, because it didn't have a mirror:

Clearly, it started out with a big ol' frameless builder grade mirror, which meant that just slapping a new mirror up there without at least painting wasn't an least not unless we wanted to buy a huge new builder grade frameless mirror, exactly the same size (or even bigger!).

This meant I didn't have the luxury of months of second guessing and self doubt about paint colors; I realized we had some paint left over from Milo and Gus' room that would probably look good with those awesome light fixtures, and I went for it. The downside of my forced hasty decision making, though, was that it turned out there wasn't really quite enough of the paint left, and we wound up having to buy another quart of it to touch up (although we still haven't gotten around to that yet. but we have the paint!)

Okay, so here it is now. With the fancy light on:

Without the fancy light on:

The mirrors are from Homegoods. I liked the bronze-y color, but these were not my favorite mirrors. They were the only ones where I could find two identical, non-damaged specimans. It looks like I did not do the best job cleaning these. Oops. Cleaning them is really the kids' job, but I did a quick wipe down before I took pictures.

Shower curtain:

$10 from Target. Ari helped pick it out. What I really wanted, very specifically, was a sepia toned Eiffel tower shower curtain. I don't know why; it's just what I had in my head. I found this one on Amazon, but it was $99, and I don't spend $99 on shower curtains:

...and then this one, which was priced right, but had bad reviews and even looks cruddy in the picture:

What's up with that weird shadow at the bottom? Anyway, so it appears that the shower curtain I want doesn't really exist, so cheap skyline it is. It's not the Eiffel Tower, but it's still....architectural.

And then this is our floor:

Hex tile! It's the same hex tile that's in our bathroom, or at least in the little part that's not carpeted. I like hex tile, although this isn't a particularly exciting example of it.

Okay, so all we've really done in here is paint, hang mirrors, and buy a new shower curtain (oh, and a new toilet. But that needed to be done and wasn't especially exciting).

Still to do:
*touch up paint!
*art for the walls
*a new towel rack for hand towels
*invent sepia-toned Eiffel Tower shower curtain for under $30
*do something or other about those cabinets.

ah, yes--the cabinets! Here is the problem: the counter top is cream colored. The tile and all the trim are white. I can paint trim, but I don't see either the counter or the tile (or the tub or toilet, for that matter) going anywhere any time soon.

Here's what I'm thinking, tentatively. The paint color is Martha Stewart's Saguaro. On the paint chip for Saguaro, Martha helpfully suggests a coordinating color for woodwork, called Garden Shed. Garden Shed is a lighter shade of green. So I'm thinking of painting the cabinets and all the trim in Garden Shed and then adding some oil rubbed bronze hardware, and then I'll have myself a bathroom. A bathroom with a counter that doesn't match the floor, steps. Alternatively, I could just go with a dark stain on the cabinets and leave the trim white. But I'm kind of into the idea of colored cabinets in one room.


  1. psst: it has some green in it too.

    1. That's the exact same picture as the ridiculously priced Amazon one! Where do people get the nerve?! It looks like it's shower stall sized instead of tub sized, though (and doesn't come in a bigger size, as far as I can tell). So close!

  2. you could get it and box it out with black fabric if you have your heart set on it :) I've done it before.

    1. That sounds....ambitious. But it could happen someday--good idea!


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