Thursday, October 18, 2012

There is a room that needs even more help than our bedroom...

And it's our bathroom. Remember?

In fact, Dave and I were talking over a pre-baby priority list for the master bedroom/bathroom, and we agreed that the tile in the master bathroom should really be the top priority. It is both the biggest job and the nastiest. To that end, Dave is planning to go to Floor and Decor's free class on tiling Saturday. For we have never tiled anything before.

In addition to being a decorating catastrophe, the master bath is GINORMOUS. Like just over 20 feet long and maybe 10 or 11 feet wide. I'm a little mystified by it, actually, because the house was built in the mid 80's, which I thought was a bit before the time of ridiculously sized master baths. I would, to be honest, have preferred a modestly sized bathroom (and closet. I haven't even shown you the closet. If my house were on House Hunters, no wife would be able to make the obligatory, "but where are you going to keep YOUR clothes, sweetie?" joke about MY closet) and a fifth bedroom in about half of the square footage here. Especially what with being pregnant and my very frequent middle of the night trips all the way across those 20 feet to pee.....I wouldn't mind a slightly less cavernous bathroom.

But I realize that whining about how my bathroom is too big is A. annoying and B. useless. So I'll stop. But what I was getting at is that it's going to take a lot of tile to cover that sucker. We'll leave the hex tile that's at the end, so I'm estimating roughly 120 square feet leftover that needs tile. This means anything that costs more than $2.50 or so a square foot is right out.

I really love the way this gray plank tile looks here:

I'm not having much luck finding anything super similar for a reasonable-to-us price, but I am eyeing this:

"Adirondak Grey Ceramic Tile" from Floor and Decor. I like it online at least, and it's only $1/square foot. 

Ever since I got gray tile in my head for the floor, I've pictured a gray-green for the walls. I think I can get away with it with the Newburg Green in the bedroom. Maybe Benjamin Moore's Glazed Green. Although I can't find any examples of it in a room online, so maybe it's not anything special. But something along those lines. 

Originally I was planning on beadboard for the bottom half of the walls, but now I think it might be overkill with the board and batten in the bedroom. 

I would love to do a big overhaul of the bathroom someday--with an updated tub and a bigger shower and new sinks and all.....but that's a long way off. So for now we'll settle for tile and paint and a few other small changes.

That light fixture, for one thing. And the fixtures. Normally we'd frame out the mirror to make it look pretty, but the mirror itself has some big spots where the finish is rubbed off, so it will probably need to go. And then see those cabinet doors? They are kind of weird and slatted and they don't close right on top of that. I'm not sure what to do about them. I don't think there's any way to make the one on the right close correctly, thanks to a weird shelf thing next to the tub, so I'm thinking of maybe taking the doors off and putting curtains there for now. This bathroom suffers from the same "everything is white except the beige countertop" issue that the kids' bath has, so eventually I'd like to rip that sucker out and maybe put in pedestal sinks with a little cabinet in between (there's also a linen closet in here, so there's no lack of storage).

Yes. I think we can change out ALL the light fixtures.

And say goodbye to the brass towel racks.

The shower door's not in good shape, so I'm thinking take it down and put a shower curtain up. And change out the fixtures in there, too. 

And then we'll have a passably pleasant master bath! 


  1. Dude. Your bathroom.... I mean. I have no words. I'm pretty sure that's about the size of my dining room!

    1. It's obnoxious, isn't it!? It's actually probably about the same square footage as my dining room, too, if not's totally out of proportion to the house (I wouldn't want to see the house it WOULD be proportional to).


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