Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend projects/updates/previews of exciting things to come

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend for starting the tile in the master bathroom. But, after having a few people over for some backyard firepit fun last weekend for Dave's birthday, we decided that replacing the rickety old back porch steps before we have people here for Thanksgiving was a higher priority. Safety first! Nasty germy carpet second.

Dave rebuilt the front steps at our old house shortly before we moved, so he has some experience.  But  he went into this a little nervous anyway. For one thing, that step building project at the old house did not go entirely smoothly. For another thing, this is a longer flight of stairs. For one more thing, this stair building project requires tearing out the old, falling apart brick landing and figuring out how to have the stairs land nicely on the unlevel ground underneath. Whoever built the old stairs dealt with the uneven landing by sticking a little block of wood under one of the stringers. Not so stable. I envisioned emergency room trips and/or lawsuits every time someone walked down those steps.

So far things are going smoothly, though, and Dave's in much better spirits now than he was before he started this morning. Demolition went well, and tearing out the old brick landing turned out to be something that could be done with bare hands, so old and decrepit was it. And now we have a big pile of bricks that we can use to further beagle proof that back fence! We spend a lot of time thinking about beagle proofing fences around here. We live one house down from a very busy road, which The Beagle has actually run across on one of her little adventures. This, dear little Fiesta, is why I did not want a beagle! She's lucky she's irresistible. I am used to dogs that I wouldn't be able to lose if I tried.

Not sure how long the full step building project will take. Dave is hoping to finish tomorrow, but I suspect that's being a little optimistic. But here's a preview:

You can still see the block of wood they attached to the bottom of the steps on one side for leveling purposes! You can also see a little bit of what a giant disaster the whole deck/screened porch is. I'm not sure when that's all getting tackled. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it, and I'm not even sure where to start. Well, I guess we're starting with new steps. I think if we do that and then either replace or reattach the railing on the deck (not shown) then it will all at least be safe, if still incredibly ugly.

Other weekend plans involve tackling some of the little projects that we've been meaning to get around to for forever. I would like, for example, to hang a few more pictures and do some little painting projects so that I can finally call the library done....enough for now. So I'm mostly working on that today.

I'd also like to start working on the little counter/desk area in our kitchen, next to the garage, and turn it into a "command center" as people say. I feel silly saying command center. But, you know. This is what it looks like now:

And that's not even showing you the mess inside that cabinet there. I'm trying to think what all I need to make places for....I'm thinking calendars, menus, coupons, incoming mail, small tools we use a lot, reusable grocery bags.....and probably not so much cans of primer and shoes (although, to be fair, the shoes belong to a visiting kid, so they don't stay here all the time).  I am pinning things in preparation!

What exciting projects is everyone else up to this weekend?


  1. I think instead of steps, you should put a small trampoline under the doorway of the screened porch, so that leaving the porch will be fun fun fun! ...and getting back onto the porch will be hard hard hard!

    Maybe you need an invisible fence for Fiesta. Do those work with beagles?


    1. Ha! The kids' friend Marcos was here the other day and he said the same thing. You think just like a seven year old boy! I suspect an invisible fence would work fine for Fiesta; she is very punishment averse. But it really seems like I shouldn't NEED to buy an invisible fence when we just built a real, visible 6 foot wooden fence, you know?

  2. ha! Gretchen, you crack me up. How is it going? Did he finish it?

    1. not yet! And progress has slowed way down with that pesky job he has to go to. I'm hoping we'll have steps tonight, if not a railing to go with them. I'm tired of taking dogs out through the garage!


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