Monday, October 15, 2012

Master Bedroom: shameful before pics unveiled!

Hey--I hit 1000 pageviews yesterday! So that's pretty exciting. Although it would be even MORE exciting if more people were leaving me comments. Hint, hint. But even if you don't leave me a comment, I'm very excited to have all you people who were searching for "halloween metal witch plant holder" here to look at my messy bedroom. I'm sorry that I don't actually HAVE a halloween metal witch plant holder to show you. You can take that up with Google.

And now....our bedroom! Before! (I gave myself precisely (I set the timer!) ten minutes to neaten up before I took the pictures. This basically meant enough time to half ass make the bed, neaten the bedside tables, and shove all the junk to the sides of the room).

Now, at this point you might be thinking to yourself that I have overplayed the "shameful" thing. "I mean, sure," you are saying, "the curtains don't match anything, and you don't seem to have gotten around to replacing that bed skirt that one of your dogs ate the corner of, and that toile pillow is SO 2001, and you forgot to put your stepstool away, and that wall color is kind of pukey....but it could be worse."

So I present to you.....the other half of the room:

I left this one bigger, so you can see the junk collection in all its glory. Let's see: FOUR (count 'em!) laundry baskets filled with clothes that need to be put away. Boxes and bags of baby stuff that has nowhere to live yet. All the bookshelves we moved up here from the library when we got the Billy shelves. Crib mattress and crib, waiting to be assembled. Frames that weren't the right size that need to be returned to Target. Baby's dresser that needs paint and whale drawer pulls. Box of clothes for Goodwill. Not one, but TWO nice old trunks that need to go....somewhere.

Alright, so now we need to go from this to that lovely mood board I posted yesterday before January. Preferably well before, since things like Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to fill up a lot of pre-January time. Let's see what we have to work with. The black dresser is staying. I think some black will work fine with the Newburg Green. The headboard:

is staying, too, but it's going to need paint, since it's cream and there's going to be tons o' white in the room. I'm thinking a very light gray. I might even try my hand at making chalk paint (my friend Kristi just made some and used it on her bathroom cabinet, and it looks GREAT). Bedside tables are staying, too:

I've had these forever, but they used to have these canvas....skirt-like cover things on them. But those were in pretty rough shape, so I pulled them off, I like them better! They need matching baskets for the shelves, though. Maybe something that closes, even, so you can't see all the junk.

So pretty much all the master bedroom furniture is staying the same. Now let's look at the other side of the room:

Oh, look, it's a beagle! A beagle who doesn't get to be on carpet very often and thus very much enjoys it when she gets the chance. The Beagle is staying.

This is the dresser that was Dave's and Dave's dad's and all three of our boys at some point or another. Now it's going to get a new paint job (maybe light gray again) and new drawer pulls.

I got this shelf at a yard sale before Ari was born, I believe. It's going to get a coat of paint and stick around, too.

One of the two trunks. I think this one might come downstairs to replace our very beat up coffee table. At least until the baby starts walking. It has some sharp edges.

And here's a pretty Victorian trunk that I got at a flea market in Massachusetts maybe 10 or 12 years ago. It's really pretty on the inside, too. Someday I'll move that laundry basket and open it up and show you! I have no idea where to put it.

Then there are all the bookshelves....back when there was going to be a wall dividing the two parts of the room, the master bedroom side of said wall was going to be lined with these (painted, maybe framed out for a built in look) shelves. Now I don't know what will happen to them. They may end up down in the basement for the time being (shh! dont' tell Dave. He's not happy at the thought of moving them all down two flights of stairs, so soon after moving them UP one flight).

Which wall should the board and batten go on? I'm thinking it won't work on the wall with the headboard--woodwork overkill! But it makes me kind of sad to put it on the opposite wall, where you won't see it when you come in.


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