Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dining room: acquisitions and musings

So, when we last left off, we were hoping to make the dining/schoolroom a little less traditional, a little more fun/whimsical/quirky/etc. Part of this plan involved globes. So look what I found at the thrift store today!

Okay, it is not the quirkiest globe in the world. It is, in fact, pretty....traditional. But I think when he gets together with all his other globe friends, it will be a fun globe party. Also, it was $12.99! Googling suggests it probably cost at least a couple hundred dollars new, so I'm pleased. You can spin it around OR upside down! 

I also picked up two maps, one of the world and one of Georgia. I need to paint the frames before I hang them, though.

And look who learned to make a prettier mood board! It still doesn't have links or captions or anything, because I made it on Olioboard, and apparently I'd need to pay $8.99 a month for fanciness like that. I don't think my mood board needs are great enough to justify that. So I'll go with left to right, top to bottom again. Also, I'm aware that Young House Love did a similarly themed mood board a few days ago--and, yeah, I totally snagged the ceramic airplane from there--but I really, honest to goodness, already had the whole vintage classroom-y thing floating around in my head before that. (See: globes!) So here you go: my whimsify the dining room plan.

This one's better than the last one, because some of the pictures are tilted!

1. Card catalog-esque cabinet from Target:  remember how I was thinking of moving the Old Lady Cabinet out to the foyer? This is what I want in its place. I'd rather have a real one, but I called up my mom (of A Classy Flea fame), and she tells me she doesn't come across them very often. And a quick perusal of Craiglist turned up a few, but all of them above my budget (cheapest one was well over $300, and most of them were closer to $1000). The Target one is $217. I'm not sure what I'll keep in it. It's supposed to be for CDs or DVDs, so maybe I'll actually keep some of those in there. And/or school supplies, little kitchen stuff that needs a home, ?????

2. Ceramic "paper" airplanes from Target: yes, these are the ones that were posted on YHL the other day, and I fell in love instantly. I envisioned a fleet of maybe 3 of them flying in one corner, suspended from the ceiling. But I don't really see anywhere where I could attach a wire. So maybe they could just hang out on top of my card catalog instead? $7.99 each

3. Pull-down map: $129.28 on Amazon. I like the idea of a pull-down map, just like old times, but I'm not sure I like it $129 worth. The regular old maps in frames I bought today were just $5 and $6. But maybe!

4.Free printable vintage alphabet art from Rook No. 17: I'm thinking twine strung across one wall, near the ceiling, with vintage flashcards attached with clothespins (we did this with all math flashcards in Ari's old room, and it always made me happy). Maybe even get a few different sets and swap them out periodically. And FREE printables sounds good, right? Look at that elephant--doesn't get any more whimsical than that! I've also thought about making my own with free clip art. And Etsy always has a bunch of cool ones for sale.

5. Classroom clock: $17.44 on Amazon. It's good to know what time it is.

6. Schoolhouse Electric pendant light fixture: wonder if I could sell the fancy chandelier for enough on Craigslist to pay for this light fixture ($239 plus another $70 for the rainbow shades)? Or close? Or half?

7. Vintage globe on Etsy: there are a gazillion of these for sale on there. I don't really plan on buying any of them, because I or my mother will find them cheaper at yard sales or thrift stores if we are patient. But I like this one because it has a random deer next to it. Maybe I need a forest of random animals hanging out with my globes.

And as for the displaced Old Lady Cabinet....Gus and I want a dollhouse. I think the top of the Old Lady Cabinet, first thing you see when you come in the house, would be a great place for that to live. And the foyer is right next to the dining/schoolroom, so plenty convenient for having all that school stuff inside it still.

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