Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nursery update (yes, already!)

I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: you know the fabulous octopus drawer pulls? The ones that were going to be the best thing in the whole nursery? Yeah, well, I had them all in my cart ready to buy, when I decided to check and see how big they are. Turns out they're all of 4 centimeters. That's not very big. So small they had to tell how long they are using the metric system, because if they put it in inches it would just sound too puny to be believed.

So I went with plan two: whale pulls

The good part (but not the good news) is that these were only $2.80 each, nearly $10 less than the octopuses, in addition to several times bigger.

Good news: I have three prints ordered from Studio Tuesday, my new Etsy crush. I only found them the other night, when I needed to grab a couple more nursery things to make my collage look non-funny. But then I went back and looked today, and found that blue with orange sea creature prints seem to be something of a specialty for Studio Tuesday, and also they are super cute. And they have narwhals!


  1. Hey Lady!

    Have you thought about doing this? I'm dying to do it, but it could cure your octopus crush.



  2. ooh, love that! I just pulled up that octopus from graphics fairy the other day, in fact, with this project in mind: http://thelittlebrownhouse.us/2011/07/19/drop-cloth-pictures/

    with my etsy prints, though, the nursery seems to be veering more whimsical/less retro, so I'm not sure anymore....


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