Saturday, December 1, 2012


I did not mean to go so long between blog entries. I have a bunch of them in the queue, so to speak, that I have not gotten around to writing yet for various reasons. Such as:

1. Out of town guests
2. Strep throat (Ari, not me)
3. My *&(&(^*&%^* printer won't work, and its functionality is essential for one of the posts (and for the thing the post is about. My printer is RUINING Christmas, basically)
4. I want Dave to write the post about the steps, since it is his project, and he hasn't yet, because he's busy with his JOB and stuff
5. A Christmas Carol for Gus/Tiny Tim. All weekend long. Dave is there with him now on account of number 6.
6. Just when I thought I could finally start getting caught up (and start painting the nursery/our bedroom to boot), I threw my back out last night. I had just been congratulating myself on getting to 33 weeks with pretty much no back pain, and then--BAM!--shooting pain in my lower back every time I take a step. I don't know why; I don't know what I did. I think it's getting better tonight. It had better be, because I have no time for this. No time!

I did manage to do one thing that did not require much movement: I ordered cards! Historically, I order cards from Kodak Gallery. But then they stopped existing earlier this year and sent all my pictures to Shutterfly, so I'm giving them a try. They have provided me with this code to embed my card in my blog, but when I tried it before it was crap and cut off part of my card. Let's see how it looks now:

Patterned Pretty Holiday Card
Create personalized holiday cards online at
View the entire collection of cards.

That's better! Look; it's my card AND an advertisement for Shutterfly. They're so sneaky. I haven't had the best kid photography year this year. We were crazy busy with moving and all the first half of the year, for one thing. I think I'm getting a new camera for Christmas, and I'm also getting a baby, so I expect next year to be better.

Anyway, I fully intend to get a post up tomorrow about some amazing project or other. But Gus has yet another Christmas Carol performance, and it's the last day my mother-in-law will be here, and my back still hurts, and my printer still sucks.....I will do my best, though!


  1. I think you're cards look great!

    I am also getting a new camera for Christmas! (My Nikon D70 is in the process of biting the dust) The new camera is already under the tree... and it's driving me crazy. I NEED IT!

    I hope your back starts feeling better!

    1. What are you getting? I have a Rebel XT that I got 7 years ago, LAST time I had a baby....I'm leaning toward just upgrading to a newer Rebel and using my existing lenses for now, then maybe getting a wide angle for my birthday. Since I also want a new chair for the library and, it seems, I can't have everything. I'm very impressed with you for leaving the camera under the tree--amazing self restraint!


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