Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh! Also! The LAST Christmas Decorating Post

I totally forgot!

Our house has a weird....kid? cherub? ghost? hanging out above the front door. He's actually a little bit creepy. I don't think any other house in the neighborhood has one; I'm not sure why anyone ever thought it was a great idea to put him there.

But, at any rate, there he is. And as soon as we saw him, when we first looked at the house, the kids decided he needed to wear a Santa hat for Christmas. So, on the very same day that I did not buy a fabulous white Christmas tree, we found a lovely Santa hat at the thrift store, and got our creepy doorway kid all ready for the holidays (oh, look--wings. I guess definitely a cherub):


  1. I think that Santa hat brings out his wings nicely. :) Those are some awesome details on your house. I love all the moldings and things I don't know the words for... filigrees?

    1. Ha--I don't know what any of it's called, either...I had a hard enough time coming up with cherub! oh. I know there's dental molding, because our realtor told us ;)

  2. Just love the hat on the cherub! Merry Christmas!

  3. Definitely a cherub. Now you need kneeling angels holding censers and people might think they are entering a church.


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