Monday, April 8, 2013

The Week Via Instagram: Spring Break Edition

Dave's back at work as of today, but let's spend some time reminiscing about back when he didn't go to work for 9 whole days in a row.

We spent a lot of time on house stuff and a lot of time feeding and changing a baby, but we got a few other things in, too.

Remember how the kids put "go to Menchies" on their list of desired spring break activities? We did that! We brought along some friends (and dogs) even, which made it extra fun. Kids + friends in a blissful post froyo haze:

And with those very same friends we went to Chattanooga on Friday to see the OTHER local-ish aquarium. More on the aquarium in a separate post. We ate at Big River Grille while we there, where there is a brick boat. I don't know why.

At some point during the week, I took the cutest picture ever of Dave reading a bedtime story to Abe. That baby loves his books. For real. He stares and stares and coos with delight. It makes me happy.


And we wrapped up spring break with a family gathering Saturday at my aunt's house so everyone could see my cousin, Alix, and her daughter, Jude while they were in town. My cousin Jessica wisely rounded up all the kids as soon as possible for an all the great grandkids photo. Everyone except Abe cooperated. Note Abe's (second) cousin, Brody, who is three weeks younger than Abe but already much better at posing for group photos.

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  1. I didn't know you were born with posing capabilities, but your photo clearly proves it :) I still think Abe is cute :) I'll give him this one. ha ha.

    I love the one of him and Dave and the book!


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