Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Lovefest

Maybe I will do this every weekend! Or I might not. I like to keep everyone guessing that way. But, anyway, here's a list of stuff I'm particularly fond of this week:

1. Babylegs

Babylegs are baby (and toddler) leg warmers. I had a pair for Gus, but not until he was a bit older. I put a pair on Abe this past week, and adorableness abounded! This would be a perfect place for me to insert a gratuitous cute baby picture, except that I, uhh....didn't take one. You'll have to take my word for it. I often have him in just a t-shirt around the house to make diaper changes easier, so leg warmers are very practical in addition to being adorable. I sound like I'm making a commercial but no one is paying me (or giving me adorable free Babylegs) to say that. 

2. Abe's little wooden cars

My friend Sarah's father made these! Out of scrap wood! I am in awe of how many amazing handmade gifts Abe has gotten from talented friends. He is a lucky baby. 

3. The mudroom at Nalle's House

It's been so much fun watching the projects roll out and then seeing the fabulous final reveal! I love everything about this little space--the colors, the subtle but perfect embellishment on those baskets, that amazing light fixture (a Restore find!)....

4. Primitive and Proper's Project Hallway

Every project rolled out on this hallway project is more fun than the last! I thought it had peaked with the chalkboard wall and perfect shade of aqua door, but then these sheep showed up! Can't wait to see what comes next.

5. Cloth Diapers, specifically Fuzzi Bunz

Another baby thing--but I mixed things up by throwing two non-baby things in there in the middle! All of our cloth diapers seemed HUGE on Abe when he first got here, so we did mostly disposables for the first few weeks (not to mention that he seemed to poop every 30 seconds for awhile, so we would have been washing diapers constantly had he been in cloth). I was amazed at how fast we went through disposables, how quickly they filled up our trash cans, and how much we spent on them. 

We have a bunch of different kinds of diapers for him, mostly hand me downs from friends. But whenever I put him in anything else, I'm reminded that Fuzzi Bunz are my very favorite. All four of our kids have used them, and I always come back to them. The inside is fleece, which wicks wetness away from the baby (and keeps him from waking up when he pees!), they fit really nicely on all my babies, and they dry super fast. And then I went to their website to find a picture for this post, and, OMG--that's a WHALE diaper! I'm going to need a few of those, I'm pretty sure.

View Along the Way has an excellent Cloth Diapering 101 post this week that gives a great overview of/introduction to cloth diapering and also extols the virtues of my beloved Fuzzi Bunz.


  1. Those leg warmers are adorable and I'm loving Anu's mudroom as well.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Gretchen. :) I used cloth diapers with my first, but am having a difficult time convincing my other half to do it again with Co-pilot. We had the gro-via diapers and unfortunately, they wore out. Maybe I can convince him that we should try another brand. :)

    1. I really feel like fuzzi bunz are as easy as disposables (well, except for the part where you have to wash them).

  3. Thanks for the link, bud! I'm crazy about Cassie's entry makeover too. And those scrap wood cars?! DYING. That's going on Andy's to-do list. He thanks you. :)

  4. Those baby leg warmers are terrific. Such a great idea!
    Love all your finds.

  5. Love those leg warmers! Too cute! My daughter has a pair of blue and white polka dot ones and we love them!

    Jenna @


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