Sunday, February 10, 2013

August's Very Late Birthday Party

Gus turned seven back in December. But he was also being Tiny Tim three times every weekend for most of December, and then there was Christmas, and then I was having a baby....and, what, with one thing and another, we didn't get around to having his party until today.

He decided he wanted to have his party at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. This worked out well because I didn't have to do much of anything except show up (with a gluten free cookie cake, since the one they provide is, of course, gluteny). We wound up with fairly warm weather, and the predicted rain held off until just after the party.

We went with the "Wildlife Wonders" plan because it sounded more inside than the "Outdoor Explorer" plan, and we had no idea, when we booked it, how the weather would be. Gus got to pick two animals for the animal encounter part of the party, and he chose the opossum and a snake.

The opossum came out first. We were told that she likes doing birthday parties. It was sort of hard to tell. We learned that an opossum can have older babies hanging out on her back, another litter of babies in her pouch, AND be pregnant all at the same time. And then we were all glad not to be opossums.

Next up was the snake--an albino corn snake. We have no idea if the corn snake likes doing parties or not. They don't even know if it's male or female.

Then we all went on a hike by the river and learned even more about nature:

Here they're learning about watersheds. Their fingers are mountains:

The younger boys kept doing this, which was very cute, so I tried to get a good picture. But they were moving and so was I, and there wasn't a lot of light, so this was the best I could do:

Looks like I shrunk it down enough that it's not so super blurry.

The cookie cake that Gus couldn't eat was very cute:

And he says he had a great party, so I guess it was worth the wait. And now he only has to wait 10 months until his NEXT birthday party (I can't get behind again next year, now that I also have a kid with a January birthday!)


  1. Love this post. And I love homeschooling. It's just so awesome. We were just on a field trip to the beach :) We went to the tide pools and saw all sorts of amazing animals. Much better than only seeing them in a book or on video.

    1. Thanks :). I wish we were closer to the beach! We usually do a cape cod trip in summer, but probably won't this year. we'll have to plan a weekend trip somewhere at least....

  2. Oh, I loved seeing the pictures! I'm still sad that I missed it, but it looks like the kids had a great time. LOVE the one of the boys walking like that.

    1. Aren't they adorable? I'm sorry you missed it, too...but I bet Gus will tell you all about watersheds if you ask him, so you can catch up ;)


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