Thursday, November 1, 2012

The library--finished! (enough for now)

I'm calling it! I mean, there are still things to do, like organize the bookshelves more and hang up the Beagle picture I bought on Etsy when it gets here...but it's more finished than any other room in the house.

Earlier documentations of library progress are here and here. And here's a reminder of what we started with:

And here it is now:

Changes, big and small (well, mostly small), since the last update:
*Finally got all the doors to the bookshelves and installed them, along with the rest of the height extenders. Notes on Billy shelves: it is very hard to get all the doors to close right, at least in this house. I don't know if it has to do with floors not being entirely level or what. But a lot of them still don't close exactly how they should. From a distance, you can't tell. Also, as I've mentioned, it took us THREE separate Ikea trips to come home with all the correct doors. And one of them is STILL messed up. It's a screwed up place on the inside of one of the doors; it doesn't affect the functionality, and you can't see it from the outside. But I think we'll take it along next time we go to Ikea and try to exchange it.

*the floor lamp: on clearance at Target for $17!

*the rug. I had the big rug/no rug/small rug dilemma, and finally went with this one just to keep the chair from sliding back into the shelves every time a kid sat on it. It's a chenille shag rug from Overstock. The cats love it, which makes it especially nice that it's small enough to go in my washing machine.

*magazine holders from Ikea, spray painted gray, to hold sheet music.
*lamps from Home Goods to give a little light for evening piano playing.

*snow globe with Chicago in it; from the thrift store
*picture of kids outside the Morocco bathroom at Epcot
*another of my grandmother's paintings
*framed....stuff the kids have done. Program and cast photo from The Jungle Book and flyer from a filmmaking class Ari took. Plan is for this wall to expand (and boat painting will probably find a new home at that point)

*Dave's guitar has a stand now, too! Milo's guitar is not lonely anymore.

The plaid chair has always been a bit of a placeholder. I think Ikea's Strandmon chair is going on my Christmas list to replace it (and the plaid chair may make its way up to the nursery, assuming I don't find anything fabulous to go in there before that)

How about a source list?
paint: Benjamin Moore's Nantucket Fog
shelves: Billy shelves from Ikea
curtains, rug:
floor lamp, green accent chairs: Target
table, magazine holders: Ikea
piano lamps, horse lamp: Home Goods
chair: Craigslist

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  1. I think this looks amazing! I love the bookshelves- though we had the same issue with Billy's in our house because of the uneven floors. It did help when we bracketed the top of them level instead of focusing on the floor, but I totally understand where you're coming from. Also, LOVE that IKEA chair. Please get it? Please? Please?

    1. Thanks! I've seen the Ikea chair so many places already (and I don't think it's even for sale yet, at least not at all Ikeas) that I'm afraid EVERYONE'S going to get it. But I think I have to have it anyway :)

  2. Looks really great! I love all your touches and personality in your decor.

  3. Looks beautiful! I love how you used the bookcases to create a "built in" look. I'm wanting to do something very much like this in our home. I like that floor lamp too! :)

    1. Thanks! We originally planned to put molding on it for the finished look, but ended up going with doors because they were easier (though not cheaper, sadly)

  4. i want to live in this room. i want to have this room. i loooove it! i'm so selective in terms of buying books, i would need to buy more to fill it!

    1. Thank you! Yes...selective in buying books is not a problem we have aound here ;). I should work on that....

  5. What a lovely room! You did an amazing job putting it all together. Thank you for sharing. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House which goes live at 8am CST on Monday. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Thanks! I'll come over and take a look on Monday :)

  6. This rocks. You might have to add reupholstering to your list of craft-can-dos, now that you have mastered spray painting.

  7. Love your wall o' books. I would love to add built-ins in our home one day.

  8. OOh, I love the book shelf wall. And I love that you called it Finished Enough For Now! :) I get to that point a lot too.

    1. thanks! ha...yeah, there's always SOMETHING else you want to do, isn't there? :)


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