Sunday, September 23, 2012

Library tweaks

I ordered curtains from last week, and they showed up on Friday. For some reason they're called "conspiracy curtains." There's a rug on its way next, for under the armchair (mostly so it doesn't slide back and break the glass doors....when we get the glass doors). We had trouble deciding between rug and no rug for this room....Dave says no rug is better for the acoustics, with the piano and guitar, but we weren't sure our family's musical talents are really at a high enough level for us to care that much. So rug just under the chair is the current compromise.

Then I picked up curtain rods at Lowes and put some stuff on the chess table. Like a chess board. And the horse lamp (works thematically with the chess board, you see!). I think I've decided to paint the table gray and go with no chess board painted on it for now. Because our existing chess board likes it there. The chess board's move to an accessible location (it used to live on top of our tall TV armoire) has meant an approximate 300% increase in the amount of chess played around here in the past few days.

And we hung the picture on the wall! No more leaning! for backlit photos? I feel like I should know this.....I tried the flash, but things were even worse then. Wait for a cloudy day?

Oh. I think this is with the flash. Maybe it is better.

Picture on wall!

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