Friday, November 2, 2012

So easy! So much better now!

Remember these prints, a housewarming present from friends?

I gave them a makeover (i.e. I spray painted the frames), and now they look like this:

I can't believe how different they look now, and how much fresher and better for the space. This is actually the first time I've ever painted frames. Now that I know how satisfying it is, I'll do it every day!

This also really made me see how much I love some gray with the Nantucket Fog....the color itself is so much less gray and more blue than I was originally thinking I'd wind up with, but with its gray undertones, putting some really gray up against it really makes me happy.

Next stop: some curtains for those windows!


  1. What a difference! It takes them from country to victorian :)

  2. I recently discovered the wonder of spray paint. Took a narsty salmon ceramic vase and sprayed it oil-rubbed bronze. Now it looks kewl.


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