Monday, March 25, 2013

The Week Via Instagram

Early last week we had a fun adventure hanging out in the basement for spring's first tornado warning (one of the reasons the thought of buying a house without a basement made me very nervous when we were looking. Word is this house was actually hit by a tornado a few years back. I hope that means the odds have been reset and it will be hundreds of years before they creep up on us again). I would like to note for the record that starting the week with a tornado warning and ending it with snow flurries=not fair. Bad weather! Go away!:

But the main event for the week was Nana and Grandpa's visit (Dave's parents). It was their first time meeting Abe (their SIXTH grandson. We're not the only ones who don't know how to make girls):

It was a short visit, but it was action packed, as they not only got to meet our brand new human, but they saw Gus' Iago performance:

Here Gus is, hanging out backstage with the OTHER Iago (they each do half of the shows and are part of the ensemble for the other ones):

We went out to eat at Lucky's--a burger place near us. They have a heated porch where you can eat with your dog. We have yet to bring The Beagle (our only dog who is unobtrusive enough for public dining), but we need to do that soon:


  1. Glad your in-laws got to meet your little guy!!!! Not glad that you had tornado warnings!!! Don't get me started on this weather...the fact that it is still snowing and it's almost April is driving me a bit nuts. My beans need to dig!!! Have a great week girl!!!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Hope we both get some warmer weather soon--the snow flurries continued here today, but I'm sure I can't compete with your can laugh at me in July, though ;)

  2. I love the picture of Gus in that costume. Fantastic and what a great moment with the grandparents. This makes me really miss Instagram. I can't believe Windows 8 phone STILL does not have Instagram.

    Dining with your dog - that sounds fabulous :)

    1. No fair about the Windows 8 phone! I'm already addicted to instagram; I guess I'd better not switch phones :)


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