Monday, March 18, 2013

The Week Via Instagram

On Monday, everything was going fine. We did math:

The kids had a friend over and played outside for a long time. Then the rain started. In this picture, you can see that it is a rainy day and also that our whole neighborhood is filled with other boxy colonials. I think there are maybe 3 that aren't brick-front (there are, to be fair, only something like 60 houses in the subdivision:

But then, on Tuesday, Ari started feeling not so good. And things went downhill from there:

The important thing about being sick is to make sure it doesn't slow you down too much; you have to keep taking pictures of your cute baby:

Ari, August, and I were pretty well knocked out for the rest of the week; Dave, Milo, and Abe had a few mild symptoms, but escaped the worst of it. Everyone watched about 40 episodes of Mythbusters, by my count. We learned that it is "plausible" that talking to/playing music for your plants helps them grow faster. Gus was at his most miserable on Friday and had to miss opening night of his play, Aladdin.

He made the Saturday and Sunday performances, but he was still feeling pretty run down. We're hoping he'll be better off for next weekend. He's Iago, so there's a lot of squawking involved that's hard to do with a cough and a sore throat:

You can only see a little bit of him in this picture....he's on the far right, in red, behind the girl with the big thing on her head.

By Saturday morning, everyone was at least able to make it off the couch for a game of Monopoly:

And to help out a lot with the garden bed making:

Coughs are lingering, but everyone is feeling pretty good now. Hoping for a healthier week this week!

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  1. Poor Gus missing opening night! I was supposed to be in the community theater's production of ...Cinderella, maybe? when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I was just a village girl, not a speaking part. But I got chicken pox and missed ALL the performances! So I feel Gus's disappointment. Glad everyone's doing better now.



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