Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Milo and August's Room: Updated

Another room for the house tour! I'm not really meaning to not post them (up on the little house tour tab that is)  until I have them looking somewhat finished, but it's hard to work up the motivation to get it done otherwise.

Anyway, when we last left Milo and Gus' room, it was stuffed full of loft beds and I had big plans to swap them out for bunk beds, leaving more room for playing and the desk they both were begging for. Then I reported on my big plans to buy said bunk bed from Target. Then I DID buy that bunk bed. Then some months passed. And now I'm finally posting about how the room looks now.

Here's a view of the room looking in from the door. We decided on a forest room before we moved in, and I let them pick out the wall mural from Amazon. It took them a very long time to agree on one. The kids rooms were the first to get painted. Before we moved in, this room looked like this:

Stripey! So we put up the wall mural and painted the rest of it Martha Stewart's Saguaro Green. Gus has allergies, so he's not supposed to have a ceiling fan in his room (plus that one was ugly), so we took it down and put up the bamboo striped light fixture (from Lowe's, I think....last time I looked I couldn't find it on the website, though).

The curtains are from Target. We needed something right away over the windows when we moved in, because they face east in that room, so the sun comes right through them every morning. And we went the cheap route and just bought 2 panels (back when we moved in in May we were still trying to sell the old house, so money for house stuff was very tight until it finally sold at the beginning of August). Then when I regretted the decision and tried to buy 2 more, they didn't have them anymore. But I'm still too cheap to buy FOUR new curtain panels, so there they stay for now.

I mentioned the desk in my post about the shelves over it....it's a thrift store find, and I paid $50 for it. It's not terribly wide, but it's very deep; we had to take the top off to fit it through their door. I toy with the idea of painting it and/or replacing the hardware, but I think I like it as is in the room, at least for the time being. The chair is just an extra dining room chair--until I find a dedicated desk chair I like.  I think you can play "Spot the Orange Kitty" with most of these pictures. He's not really supposed to be in there, so he darts in anytime the door opens.

We made the shelves, based on some reclaimed wood shelves I saw on West Elm's site. More about that here.

Those owl containers are from Ikea. On the bottom shelf there's a giant pinecone Gus found in California and assorted animal bones that they traded for at the nature exchange at our local nature center. Also some rocks.

Toys! I'd like to build them a lego table with storage for all those legos and a top made of base plates. And maybe I will. Soon. I'd also like some comfy chairs (beanbag?) for reading somewhere in this area.

Closets. Exciting stuff, I know. This is why this room is for the boys who share....two closets. No dressers in the room, you might have noticed....all the clothes are in the closets. I'd take a picture, but it's always kind of messy because they put their own clothes away. Also because there are usually more legos in there. Legos are everywhere. Each closet has a shelf with 8 cubby holes in it, and each cubby has a designated type of clothing. Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, pants, pajamas, underwear and socks, etc. (Underwear and socks and pajamas have pull out cloth drawers to keep everything contained). So they can put everything away themselves easier than in a dresser, I think, and, again, it opens up more space in the room for playing.

Better view of the whole glorious wall mural.

(spot the orange kitty!) The cheap Target bunk beds. Comforters are also from Target. As are those lights, which were the last thing we needed to get around to finally hanging up (last night; we've had them since May, I believe) before I took pictures. I'm happy with how the bunk beds look and how compact they are, but they are more wobbly than I would like. They mostly just wobble when adults try to climb on them to make the bed or hang lights up over them or something. So it's not a huge deal. But I am not thrilled with it.

The lights make cool patterns on the walls. We should have hung them up months ago!

And the doorway, with its weird little nook area. They wanted a bulletin board, so there it is. And the owl hooks are also from Ikea.

There's not a lot of room for hanging stuff on the walls....those two walls are taken up by windows and closets, and the other two by bunk bed and wall mural. But I guess once you have a giant retro wall mural on one wall, much else would be overkill.

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  1. The bunkbeds make a hugeeee difference with the floor space in that room. It looks like they can have tons of adventures in there :)

    1. Yes....I had to clean out the remains of the latest fort before I could take pictures :)

  2. Replies
    1. I like to call the style of their room, "1982 Dentist Office"

  3. that is SUCH an awesome boys room- i love it!

  4. Hi Gretchen,

    What a great space for boys! My boys would LOVE it, and I love those reclaimed wood shelves, fabulous!

    xo, Tanya

  5. What an awesome mural. Wow! And I love the lights too. The shadows they cast are great.

    I spotted the kat :)

  6. I love, love, love the mural. I'm totally googling them now trying to find one I can pin to use one day :o)


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