Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This and That

Last day before Dave goes back to work! Feeling sense of urgency to complete all things that require two hands TODAY! Not really. I should be feeling said sense of urgency, but instead I'm hanging out at my computer while Dave has all four boys (!! FOUR boys. What have I done?!) in the other room playing video games, something Ari, Milo, and Gus refer to as "bonding." Abe is bonding, too, but he doesn't realize it yet.

Exciting blog thing for the day: my reclaimed wood shelves are featured over on Knock Off Decor. If you've never been there, you should go now, because it's a great site. They feature all kinds of blogger projects, inspired by places like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, only DIY and cheap. And DIY and cheap are two of my favorite things!

Last thing: after yesterday's explosion of baby photos, I got to thinking....where do you guys like to order prints from? I was a Kodak Gallery girl all the way until they shut down last summer, and I've been kind of wandering in the wilderness, as far as online photo sources go, ever since. Historically, I'm not a big fan of Shutterfly (which is where Kodak Gallery sent all my photos), but I was pleased with the Christmas cards we got from them, and it's been years since I've ordered any other prints from them, so maybe they've improved? I've ordered from MPix a couple of time (that's where I got the nursery prints from), and they've been fine. But anyone have another favorite? I don't order a whole lot of prints, so I'm willing to pay more for higher quality.


  1. I saw your shelves and I got soooo excited for you!

    It's been forever since I've ordered prints, so I'm no help to you.

    Enjoy your last day with Dave!

  2. Congrats on the shelves feature. Awesome!

    I have my photos printed at Ritz - the few that I have printed. Smaller ones for frames I usually just print myself on my HP inkjet. I have heard great things about Costco too. I did a comparison print between Mpix (who I have also used - they are also great) and Target and even though I already knew Target was going to be bad, I was still shocked at just how bad it was. Bad colors, color casts, fuzzy images.

    1. I looked up Ritz and it redirected me to Wolf Camera for Georgia...but I think most of the locations closed awhile back so that there's just one in Atlanta--so too far. There must be some in person place I could go, and I probably should for at least a few nice prints.

  3. Congratulations on the feature! How exciting for you. I prefer to get my prints at a place that only does photos. I personally haven't liked the quality at Costco. Good luck with printing some pictures of your beautiful baby!

  4. I'm a big fan of Walgreens, and they usually have awesome coupon codes floating around.


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