Thursday, January 31, 2013

Abe: Two Weeks Old

I can't really remember managing to accomplish anything else today, but I did get Abe's two week photo shoot in.

I fear things are going to get a little repetitive with the giant seal until Abe's old enough to do stuff like sit on him and hold him and fling him around gleefully. But, look, this week I put WORDS on it!

I gathered that he doesn't like photo sessions or reclining on the seal from how much of the time he spent looking like this:

But, as you can see, we did get a little bit of happy baby time. I think this is my favorite from the two week session, but it lacks a giant seal:

I tried to get that flaky skin off of the space between his eyes, but every time I rubbed some off, more mysteriously appeared. Oh well. We're into realism around here. A few more:


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