Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Fun With Cousins

The cousins (along with their parents) are going home to California today, so here's a bit more about the stuff we did while they were here. No more cousins until summer. Boo!

Our kids got this tube thing with Mentos for making diet coke shoot up in the air for Christmas. It was at World Market for something like $7, and I was pretty sure it would be a lot of bang for the buck, excitement-wise. You do not, of course, need to buy the tube contraption at World Market to use mentos and diet coke to create excitement....I guess the point of the tube is that it holds the mentos in place for you until you're ready to drop them all down? Anyway. Much fun was had by all making a diet coke fountain in our front yard.

We tried to get a great picture of all the kids together, but Louis didn't want to be in the picture. So we got these instead:

And then we went to the park. It was cold. And it was the middle of the day, so there are nasty shadows on all my pictures.


  1. A) They look like they are having a blast.
    B) That park looks awesome! All the ones around here have had all fun things taken out in the name of safety.

    1. Funny you should mention that...not that merry go round, but the other one at the same park actually sent Gus to urgent care a couple of years ago. not because it's a merry go round, but because it had a loose bolt that went up and down as it spun, and Gus got his finger caught in it. But we didn't sue, so the merry go round got to stay :)


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