Friday, March 1, 2013

Insert Clever Title Here

All the good alliterative "hey--here's what the week was like or whatever" titles are already taken. Friday  Five, Weekend Wrap-up, etc. I need something totally not obvious that no one's ever thought of before, which would probably mean it would need to be either really bad or really weird. Weekend Whatever. Frolicking on Friday. Friday Fudgsicle. Woe Unto You Weekend. Weekend Walrus. That one's kind of awesome. I wish I DID have a weekend walrus. I mean, a walrus all the time would be a little much, but if it just came to visit on weekends....

Umm, anyway. I'm doing a weekend wrap-up/stuff that been going on/stuff I'm liking, but not calling it that.

1. Blog Thing the First: I finally did an About Me page. It still needs work and to show less evidence of how uncomfortable I am writing an About Me page, but at least there is one now!

2. Blog Thing the Second: I finished the House Tour page! By which I mean there is at least the MLS picture of each room (except the foyer and the two hallways. And the backyard is not represented, either. Oh, and the basement, but there's not much to see down there except litter boxes and tools).

3. Gus taught himself how to ride a bike this week! He wasn't really interested before now, but then he suddenly decided to do it a few days ago, and now he's riding around the neighborhood with Milo. Go Gus!

(also, as you can maybe tell from the picture, I started Instagramming. I still need to get the little icon up there on the sidebar with the others, but if you want to see what I'm up to on there, I'm BoxyColonial).

4. Abe LOVES his mobile. He's loved it for awhile now, but I keep forgetting to say so. It's over his changing table, and he stares intently at it whenever he's there. Go me.

Speaking of that mobile, I keep trying (well, twice, with two different pictures) to get it on Craftgawker. And I keep getting rejected. Which makes me feel...well, rejected. But then also indignant. I'm all, "WTF, Craftgawker! Do you realize how many times that mobile's been pinned! Your readers NEED to see it!" Which is funny, because the rest of the time, when I'm not being rejected and people pin it I think, "oh, you don't need to pin THAT. All I did was stick a bunch of circles together with tape." Anyway, I am moving on from the mobile. Apparently it is impossible to photograph it to Craftgawker's satisfaction.

5. I'm going to decorate for Easter. Yep, totally going to do it. A little. I have plans. And they're going to get on Craftgawker, by golly! Maybe.

6. How fabulous is this Mario wall art from Katja at Shift Ctrl Art?

That's right: it's VERY fabulous. 100% of males over 6 weeks old at my house are trying to decide which video game character they would like to make pixel art out of.

7. We have three projects planned for the weekend. I am trying to think of ways to hint at what they are without giving them away. But I can't, so they'll just be complete surprises. We were thinking of building garden boxes for raised beds, but the forecast for tomorrow is 42 and raining, so we're thinking maybe inside projects.

8. (editing to add baby things. For the grandparents and such)

Abe smiles!

He smiled some before, but it's very regularly now--regularly and predictably enough that I can get pictures of it.

Also, he gets regular compliments on his head control. We are so proud.


  1. I was all busy thinking of clever titles and then boom! you hit me with that Mario feature :) THANKS Gretchen. You are awesome!!.

    Luckily I can still remember what my title suggestion was: Fiesta Friday - written from the point of view of Fiesta :) How's that for a cuddly caption ;)

    Love your new about page. It's soooo much better than mine. I need to work on that.

    Oh and I hear you on the whole gawker issue. I have yet to have anything accepted over there and I am sporting two awesome "cropped too tightly" rejections. Yihaaa..

    1. LOVE your Mario!

      Ha--I think I reached my limit writing from Fiesta's perspective when I wrote her petfinder description. Fiesta Friday does have a nice ring to it, though....

      Have you tried dwellinggawker, too? Either they're less picky or I just got lucky; I got a picture on there on my second try.

  2. Were you reading my mind? As I was reading this post, I thought to myself - self, why haven't you ever read Gretchen's about page? I bet it's good readin'. Then you were all: "I just wrote an about page." So yeah. That was magical. I'm going to read it now. :)

    1. Ha! that must be it--that psychic connection that math teachers' wives share kicked in and I somehow KNEW you wanted to read an about page ;)

  3. OHHH such a sweetie!!! That smile just warmed my heart!!! And as the Italians say go tell Craftgawker to "scratch" because that mobile is flipping AMAZING!!!!


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