Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainy Independence Day

We were supposed to see fireworks Wednesday AND Thursday nights. But then it rained. A lot. For forever. So we didn't see any. We could hear them from our house, though. Which is, I suppose, something.

Here was our alternate plan for a rainy 4th:

1. Make cookie cake
2. Take pictures of baby in red, white, and blue outfit
3. Have friends over and light sparklers in between rain showers
4. Watch Monsters, Inc. in preparation for seeing Monsters University today
5. More sparklers and spinny light up things in between rain showers
6. Bed


  1. :) Seems, that all in all you had a wonderful day!

    And how's Monsters University?
    I wanna see it as well! But have to watch Monsters, Inc. again as well…
    And I need to see Despicable Me 2 (why is it called that complicated?!), too and again have to see the first movie before I can go to the movies…
    (Am I too old to go to the movies for these films? I'm not, right?)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  2. I love your plan and you are lucky you get the light sparklers which we can't get here.

    Sorry you didn't get to watch the fireworks. I do think Abe in red, white and blue totally makes up for it though :) And then some ... :)

    Love your sparkler pictures :)

  3. Good plan friend! I am glad you guys got out for a bit with the sparklers! And that sweet little man in his red, white, and blue! I hope that your holiday was wonderful!!!

  4. I LOVE ABE! That face! I WANT TO SQUISH IT!


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