Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fancy Lady and the Hound

Sometimes you come home from the thrift store with something so BEAUTIFUL that you have to write a whole post about it. And sometimes you come home with TWO really awesome things, so you write about the two of them.

The other day Dave was all, "we need to get out of the house and do something; let's go to Lowes!" And I was like, "I will go to Lowes with you, but only if we get to go to NFCC first." So we did.

And that's where I saw fancy lady. She is so fancy that I paid like $13 for her, which is more than I usually spend on my thrift store art.

But look how pretty she is!

It's frustratingly difficult to show you exactly how pretty she is because I can't get a picture without that reflection in the glass. I don't know how to make it stop. STOP IT, REFLECTION! Stop diluting my fancy lady's beauty!

According to someone's handwritten note on the back, it's called "The Satin Gown."

She's just sitting around reading a book in her satin gown. Isn't that the sort of thing you do, too? Maybe you are not fancy enough for that. Too bad for you. Reading while wearing satin gowns is pretty much all I do. Her sofa is the color my sunroom walls would be if blue bonnet were actually blue.

There's a piece of paper taped to the back which reads, in flowery handwriting, "This was chosen by Hazel Sherwood (Interior Decorator, Chicago) to be hung first in our home (1951) Glen Ellyn, Ill, then our homes in Van Wert, Ohio; 2 in Fairhope and finally in Mobile." LOVE it. I'm going to go write on the back of every picture in my house now, in order to charm whoever winds up buying them at a thrift store someday.

I haven't been able to find out much else about it. There's no signature as far as I can tell. I found it on one auction-type site, where they let me know that they would tell me the value if I just signed up on the site first. I don't need to do that, because I already know that the value is probably around a million dollars. Because it's so FANCY.

The Fancy Lady is hanging out above the fireplace in the sunroom for now, and I think she's probably staying there.

I feel a little bad for amazing find #2, because I think I'd be a lot more excited about him if it weren't for my Fancy Lady. The Fancy Lady has taken up so much room in my heart that there's just not that much leftover for.....Solid Brass Hound:

I left his price tag on in this picture so you could see that he's SOLID BRASS and that no one would pay $20 for him or even $10. Which means I got him for $7.99.

He's very regal. I suspect that if the Fancy Lady has a dog, he looks a lot like this guy. He's in the dining room for now, but he might move into the den eventually. I am developing a bit of a thing for brass animals. It might get kind of creepy around here pretty soon, with the brass animal menagerie I'm accumulating. (oh! Brass Menagerie! I didn't even do that on purpose!)

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  1. Love those finds! I definitely agree that the dog looks like the kind of dog fancy lady would own!

  2. What Great Finds! Congrats on a good hunting trip!

  3. I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT ART! It matches your house perfectly. It's complete drool status.

  4. Is fancy lady a print or original painting? If a painting you can remove the glass on the frame and then you won't have to worry about a reflection. Great finds!

    1. it's a print....I'm really only worried about it for photography purposes; the glass doesn't bother me in real life, so it's not too big of a deal :)

  5. Oh she is pretty indeed and so is her 3d dog. :) Love the words on the back. What would your frames say?

    One of mine would say: Added this scrapbooking paper to a frame, because scrapbooking paper is awesome!!

    Another one would say: I was in a special frame of mind when i painted this parrot!!

    1. ha! yours are more informative and interesting than the fancy lady's words. I think I'm just going to make up imaginary decorators and say they chose all the pictures for us ;).


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